Researching Supplements: Pulmonary Fibrosis

Between my husband's heart attack in Aug 2012, my new diagnosis of pre-diabetes, my brother's gout (my uric acid's been borderline too!), and Daddy's Pulmonary Fibrosis due to welding with certain solders back in the old days before they knew certain solders required masks, I've spent a lot of time researching supplements/nutraceuticals/super-foods that have been proven to work for certain health conditions. I'll also consider anecdotal claims if the person/group making the claims seem reliable and aren't making a profit from their claims.

Daddy's Pulmonary Fibrosis

I got lucky with Daddy's Pulmonary Fibrosis -- of course it won't be cured, but we all accept that Pulmonary Fibrosis will cause/contribute to Daddy's early passing. But if I can find something to ease his breathing, I'll sure spend some money to see if it helps. There's not a lot of sites discussing natural/alternative "treatments" for Pulmonary Fibrosis, so most of what I used was from Ted of EarthClinic, and  Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group. Here's what I sent Daddy for his Pulmonary Fibrosis via Amazon. I think the ACV helps the Serrapeptase (taken on EMPTY stomach) melt the fibrins binding Daddy's lungs. I don't remember exactly what the NAC does, but I've seen it mentioned in other pulmonary help sites.

Daddy said about ten days after taking the stuff I sent, he thought he noticed he was breathing easier, and thought he was able to take more steps before becoming winded, but wasn't sure if maybe he was falling for wishful thinking. He brought it up to his Hospice Nurses, they assessed him, and then reduced his visits from twice weekly to once weekly! Also, before he started the supplements I sent, he'd get winded talking on the phone, which didn't work well with old-people'itis (talking & talking & talking LOL). Our last two conversations were 37 and 22 minutes with him barely getting winded at all! Of course, this is all with his O2, but he was getting winded just talking on the phone when he was wearing the O2, so it seems to me his breathing did ease up somewhat. I can't cure my 72 yo Daddy, but I'm so happy I was able to help make him breath easier!

I'll post about my husband's heart disease in its own post, since this post is already long ^_^

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