How to get prescribed meds with standing refills on same refill schedule

Hubby's dr added a new prescription, but it was in the middle of hubby's other prescriptions' refill time. We couldn't order refills via our pharmacy's website for all his drugs because it wouldn't let us, due to insurance restrictions.

So Tiffani from Walgreens on Fuqua set me up so that next month all hubby's prescriptions would be ready on the same day:

1. Optional, but recommended: Use a search engine with these keywords: "prescription discount card". There's more than a dozen. Just print out one of the cards and carry it with you to the pharmacy. Here's one that doesn't require your address or phone number: The Prescription Discount Card, and here's one I found for pet meds: Pet Medication Card.

3. Have pharmacy tech figure out how many pills are needed on new script/s so that their refill falls on same day as the rest, then pay cash for just those pills, using the prescription discount card you printed to reduce the price.

Luckily, hubby's new drug wasn't so expensive that we couldn't afford to pay cash (minus discount) for the luxury of having all his refills falling on the same day.

But maybe the next new prescription might be an expensive one, so on hubby's next visit, I'm going to figure out how many days remain in his current refill-cycle, then if dr orders a new script, I'll have hubby request enough samples to carry him through to the next refill cycle. They might not have samples, but it doesn't hurt to ask, or they might not give away enough to carry us completely through to the next refill day, but any samples at all is less to buy at the pharmacy.

Now that all his drugs will be ready on the same day, Tiffani set us up for auto-refills. I feel better that someone that's experienced with the system set that up for us - as we're still learning how to manage numerous prescriptions by ordering them through the pharmacy website.

Next step will be asking insurance for 3 month deliveries, once I get my single prescription synced with my hubby's. Since hubby's monthly cycle begins on the 3rd day of the month, I'll aiming to receive our first 3-month supply on November 3rd, because on that 3-month cycle, we'll receive a 3-month supply on July 3rd, to carry us through hurricane season without worrying about interruption.

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