Researching Supplements: Heart Disease

Hubby's Heart Disease

Hubby's heart attack was called "minor" by his cardiologist, who was the cardiologist on call the night I took him to the ER. When the assigned cardiologist cathed my DH, he decided against placing a stent because DH's blockage was less than 50%, and he'd "desludge his heart with drugs" instead. Since I've been reading Dr. William Davis, Cardiologist's blog for years, I knew DH needed to take certain supplements to help reduce his bad cholesterol, but DH has resisted me "supplementing" him for years, thinking it all rather "quackish". At least he'd been taking Vit D3 for about a year, thanks to his GP doing a D3 bloodtest, and the lab mailed a recommendation to take Vit D3 5000mg daily.

So after DH was released from the hospital, I emailed him links to NCBI studies about the supplements Dr Davis recommended, copying/pasting the conclusions of the tests that showed good results of reversing bad stuff, this way I didn't have to educate (nag) him verbally. I checked all the supplements contraindications against his new prescriptions, and found two possible contraindications with Vit K2 and Niacin, so I didn't bring those two up. DH's been real good about taking his Fish Oil EPA+DHA, Vit D3, Magnesium along with B Complex to assist the Magnesium, Ubiquinol (purified Co Enzyme Q10 that's easier for older people to absorb) which replaces the Co Enzyme Q10 that statins somehow destroys, and Curcumin (purified Turmeric) a powerful anti-inflammatory.

So for DH's second follow up, I had him ask his assigned cardiologist if it was OK for him to take the Vit K2 and Slo-Niacin (Dr Davis' recommended Niacin). According to DH, the assigned cardiologist looked at his nurse/PA, who then nodded "no", before answering DH that those supplements weren't needed - repeat: The Dr looked to his nurse/PA for the answer! And of course no explanation as to why not.

I've brought up possible treatments/supplements to my doctors before -- if they vetoed them, they had a good reason to and explained their good reason for saying no, OR sometimes they'd even say yes! But never have I seen a doctor look to their nurse/PA for an answer! At least admit you're not up to date on that research, but will look into it, sheesh! 

I also asked DH to ask assigned cardiologist about doing a more thorough cholesterol lab test than just the traditional Total, HDL, LDL & Triglycerides. Ignored, rejected? Not sure, but it wasn't done, just another "traditional cholesterol lab test".

 We both agreed we wanted a new cardiologist, but which one to choose that would go along with DH Dr Davis' recommendations was the new challenge. I paid to sign DH an account on Dr Davis' Track Your Plaque forum ($40USD to join, includes book & booklets, then $20USD quarterly), then once the forum unlocked, searched for a recommended cardiologist in Houston. There was only ONE recommended cardiologist who didn't "follow Dr Davis TYP protocol", but was open-minded to ordering the medical tests needed to Track DH's Plaque reversal, as long as they were medically warranted (as not to tick off insurance I guess).

I went with DH to this new cardiologist, and although he was on the other side of town (Houston is very large mile-wise), DH was quite pleased with new cardiologist as compared to assigned cardiologist just because new cardiologist spent actual time assessing him properly and discussing treatment plans, which included Dr Davis' supplements. He went over each supplement DH was taking and seemed happy DH was taking them, and he ordered the advanced cholesterol panel - FINALLY! He didn't order the C-Reactive Protein (CRP) I wanted, since DH was still smoking - he considered it pointless until DH quit smoking. He said he'd order a Thyroid test, including T3 & T4, but then forgot to write it down. Oh well, we'll request it again when DH returns in two weeks. But I'm pleased we'll soon know his advanced cholesterol numbers so we can actually Track DH's Plaque to see whether the supplements are bringing down the bad cholesterols and increasing the good cholesterol. I'm thinking the HeartScan will be the test that determines if the Vit K2 is doing any good, as the Vit K2 allegedly "melts away" the calcium deposits that the bad cholesterols adhere to to cause plaques (I'm getting tired, and couldn't come up with the wording to avoid "to to" -- sorry).

Meanwhile, I'm going to restock DH's E-Cig supply, and buy him OTC Nicotine Patches so he can wean down his nicotine addiction gradually. 

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