Why do I waste my time with Kroger, bleh!

I've not been able to find any chicken at Kroger that's not injected with the, IMO, evil seaweed aka carrageenan!

Without looking up any studies, I can guess I'm in the minority about not tolerating carrageenan, otherwise it wouldn't be so rampant. But since carrageenan is used in medical studies to induce pain and inflammation of tissues, it stands to reason that if your intestinal lining isn't completely intact, then carrageenan just might somehow leak into the tissues of the intestines, causing pain and inflammation.

When I first figured out that carrageenan was causing my extremely painful gut episodes, with bad swelling, I found carrageenan in things with cream such as ice cream, yogurt, creamy salad dressings, and occasionally frozen dinners. A few months or so later, I noticed it was also injected into cheap Walmart chicken - I'm guessing it pumps up the chicken better than water. After that, I noticed carrageenan in deli chicken, turkey, and sometimes in deli ham.

About the last six months, I noticed Kroger's no-brand "house" chicken also has carrageenan, so it's not just cheap Walmart chicken anymore. HEB still had carrageenan-free chicken last time I shopped, but I have to read the labels carefully, since they do carry some chicken with carrageenan.

But since Kroger brand's brussel sprouts are so much sweeter and tender than name brand brussel sprouts, I had to go to Kroger, ugh! They didn't even have whole nutmeg! IMO, the only difference between Kroger and Walmart is that Kroger doesn't carry as many non-groceries.

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