Best Family Story

My father and I laugh easily and robustly, but my mother doesn't laugh easily. Many times when me and my father were literally rolling on the floor, she'd just be smiling - usually at our antics, instead of whatever triggered me and my father to laugh.

We were watching Laverne & Shirley - Shirley had brought a horse to their apartment, and their friends Lenny and Squiggy dressed like cowboys to help them. Lenny's cowboy outfit was decorated with Christmas garland! They acted SO silly that me and Daddy were rolling on the floor while horse-laughing that we triggered my mother to start laughing too - at us!

That's the exact time the phone rang (this was back in the "old days", even before analog recorders, so ALL calls were answered)!

Since me and my father were busy horse-laughing, my mother got up to answer the phone, trying to "hush us". We tried to hush our laughter, but that only caused us to high-pitch giggle instead. My mother picked up the phone, then laid it on her chest while trying to compose herself.

She finally composed herself, put the phone to her mouth - AND SNORTED INTO THE PHONE!

Me and Daddy looked at each other in disbelief over what had just happened, and burst out into very loud horse-laughter again,while Mama put the phone back on her chest again. This time she also flapped her hands at us while trying yet again to compose herself.

She put the phone back to her mouth - AND SNORTED AGAIN!

Me and Daddy burst out horse-laughing yet again!

My mother finally composed herself enough to apologize to the caller (in high-pitch giggle-speak) to find out who the caller was calling for, walked back into the living room and said: "It's for you (me), it's a boy"!

Then it was Mama and Daddy's turn to burst out laughing as my face reddened, and my eyes grew really big. I had to close my parent's bedroom door to try to drown out their laughter while trying to explain to the boy, calling for a date, what had us all so tickled.


This is our favorite family story that gets told at every get-together. I finally found which episode of Laverne & Shirley it was: season 3, episode 14 "The Horse Show". I ordered the entire season 3 from Amazon (along with some filet mignons) for their Christmas present ^_^

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