My Home Based Physical Examination

Dr Kruse MD, neurosurgeon, posted an excellent article about how we can tell if we might be deficient in key nutrients without a Dr ording a lab test: Your Home Based Physical Examination. Here's a few observations from my "home physical exam":

Vit D & A
Rolling metal on my shin didn't hurt that much, but I do have problems reading in the dark. Good to know to increase Vit A/orange foods while supplementing with D3.

Ex FIL lost a bet with one of his obese friends about whether the friend could drop 100 lbs over a summer. FIL lost the bet, then the obese friend told him his dr diagnosed him with a serious zinc deficiency after the obese friend complained of his taste buds not working anymore. Supposedly it took many months of supplementing with zinc for him to be able to taste foods again. I'm not too worried about myself, but it's important to men. Too bad BP caused oyster prices to soar. So I'm glad DH enjoys wheat germ in cornbread, since wheat germ is fairly high in zinc.

My thick nails have some ridging, and I've always shaken my legs when sitting. I had no idea these could be related. PS: I haven't had complaints of kicking while sleeping, but I supposedly toss back and forth a lot, and wrestle the blankets.

My knee prevents me from running or doing stairs LOL, but at least I don't sweat a lot. We're supplementing with magnesium anyway, me for peri-menopause. But since seeing how much magnesium is in dried herbs, I might not buy more magnesium supplements.

I don't have a gall bladder anymore, AND my dental hygenist just got all over me about tartar/plaque. On Chris Kresser's K2 page, he states: "bone would be richer than muscle meat", so I wonder if bone broth might be pretty high in K2? I'm making my 4th batch of bone broth from our Thanksgiving turkey. I think a cheese omelet cooked in butter might be beneficial, as well as yummy LOL

B Vitamins aren't quite the easy read as the other nutrients/vitamins he started with. But what's up with Marmite having such high amounts of about B1, B2, B3, & B9? I heard Marmite tastes better than Aussie's Vegemite, which DH thought tasted quite "different" (and didn't finish it LOL, but I've never tried either one.

Dr. Kruse covered a few toxins too:

I do leg lifts while in downward dog, so I guess my balance is ok, whew!

We're not entirely BPA free yet, especially DH, who doesn't like the Double-Wall Plastic Cold-Drink Cup with Reusable Straw I bought for both of us.

Omega 6
I haven't used Crisco or margarine in almost 20 years, but I did use vegetable/corn oil up until about 3-4 years ago. Now I use olive oil, butter, coconut oil and sometimes sesame oil because it's so yummy. Oh, and we take fish oil caps, and eat salmon occasionally too.

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