PC Glasses for $15 (including shipping)

Well we're still not sure about DH not having a paycheck for 3'ish months -- due to the roof cave-in -- but I've needed Laptop glasses forever, and took advantage of goggles4u.com free lenses combined with Coupon Code: BigSale that ends in a few hours (Nov 27, evening).

No extras, just the cheapest everything came up to $14.99 including shipping (that's with the above coupon code). I want to make sure I get my sizing right (I have a big head to match my taller than usual body, otherwise I'd look weird, and my eyes are set a bit wider than usual).

I also want to see how well I'm able to see with Online Glasses. My recent pair, progressive tri-focals, aren't that accurate for small print, so another reason I didn't gamble with Online Glasses, since I'm not sure if it's the script, or the local place that made them (see I do try to give local business a chance, too bad I can't read small print that well with their product -- that cost more than 10 times as much as the internet glasses! although there will be a difference between progressives and single vision scripts). Meanwhile for small print, I still do better with 99cent store magnifying glasses.

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andrew siddle said...

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