Update to recent posts

I'm still waiting on my online-glasses to arrive - for the price, I guess I can't expect Amazon shipping speed LOL. My GP didn't order the uric acid levels with my bloodwork, so I'll wait until next time I have to go in for whatever, since I haven't had any gout attacks.

DH's job still doesn't have the caved in roof fixed, they're doing some kind of reinforcement to the sides of the caved-in area, which sounds like a good idea. DH's team is working the same hours as usual since they're maintenance, and some of the production line is helping out with some of the rebuilding, pretty much the same routine post-Ike. Too bad it was the roof over the production line though - I asked DH why they couldn't run product in another area of their new post-Ike building, but apparently some of the machinery is too big to temporarily setup elsewhere. I hope the line-crew found temporary jobs elsewhere.

The chickens really enjoyed Thanksgiving turkey that didn't get frozen. They also got the smushy bone/skin leftovers from the broth I made for many days. Today they got sunflower seeds, romaine lettuce and cornbread.

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