Watering the new chickens?

It seems that the former neighbors setup a backup plan for the chickens, because we(DH) were taking so long. But our across-the-street neighbors were watching out for us, and offered to help wheel the small pens into our yard for me. But he didn't know how to catch chickens either, so I told him DH had just woken up from his after-work nap, so I'd bring him back with me (knowing that if our across-the-street neighbor was waiting on DH, DH might actually go next door LOL). So I return home and tell DH:

'Honey, honey, the other guys going to get my chickens if we don't move them today and none of us there know how to catch them!'

It worked, and DH caught the white chicken penned with Nasty Duck. Turns out the white chicken is a white rooster, whose new name is Pedro Tamale.

DH said the rest of the chickens in the large pen would be too difficult to capture until night time. DH and I went there as soon as it was dark, and my oh my did those chickens ever raise a ruckus - I can now proudly say that I've held a chicken, woot!

I'll still feed Nasty Duck next door, I don't want it "free ranging" in the backyard with the occasional dog visits, and after seeing how nasty it is when penned, don't want it caged here either. If the "plan B" neighbors don't take it in a week or so, I'll visit my around the corner neighbors with the mini-ranch to see if they'll take it.

DH had bought me some kind of waterering system that has a round metal pan with holes in it, that screws onto a large mason jar. Too bad neither of us can figure it out LOL. DH said he remembers his grandma using that kind, but it's been so long he can't remember her trick to prevent all the water from spilling out the mason jar when flipped over. I tried searching YouTube, but apparently all the cool chicken coops have Chicken Nipples now days ^_^

ETA: Haha, apparently it has been a LONG TIME since DH helped his grandma with her chickens, for the chicken "waterer" is actually a chicken "feeder" - no wonder why the water kept spilling out ROFL

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