Delousing the new chickens and rabbits

All known neighbor rabbits are in cages suspended from our boatshed rafters, yay! Hubby said he wasn't sure how he'd bring over the chickens, so now that the neighbor's yard has an extra cage, how about he remove the duck from the cage it shares with one chicken, putting the duck into the spare cage, then move that lone chicken over here. Once that chicken is moved into our "new" pen (bought from other neighbors), then he'd have a spare, empty cage to move the other chickens from the larger neighbor pen.

I think I heard that bird mites can get into rabbit ears from a Chicken Whisperer podcast, so I'll be keeping the chickens and rabbits separated until I get the neighbor chickens free of whatever crawlies they probably have. Bird Mite Infestation Tips & Strategies also has some helpful hints from their Bird Mites Forum. Wow I have so much to learn ^_^

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