I need to grow birdhouse gourds for our sanity!

I'm guessing the current nest next to the office window makes our sixth bird family (unless the cardinals in the front bushes are the same parents over and over, then we'd have just three bird families making six nests).

Although they're cute and sweet, I'm getting a bit tired of wondering what the new noise is (until I learn to recognize their sounds), because at first I'm afraid they're baby mice squealing LOL. Also, our indoor cat goes crazy running and bouncing off any and everything in the house when he hears them. And having to http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifuse the backdoor all the time as not to upset the cardinal family in the front bush gets a bit old too, especially if we forget and then feel guilty for upsetting the birds haha.

So I'm thinking of growing birdhouse gourds this spring to hang from the oak and pecan trees, in the hope that the birds will prefer the gourds hanging from trees instead of next to our doors and windows. Here's a nice pictorial on how to Making Bird Houses from Your Gourds in case they grow for me. And here's one article from a site that has many useful links to setup and run birdhouses: Cavity-Nesters, Which Birds Will Use A Nest Box?

Anyone have a handful of birdhouse gourd seeds? Of course I'll pay ^_^

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