"Wild" dogs in populated areas

Heard another noise outside my window (it's night), grabbed flashlight and almost ran smack into a somewhat large dog running at me (guessing around 40-45#). Since I haven't been able to run in over 10 years, I panic easier than when I could run, so I can't say for sure I was in actual danger - I didn't hear any growling, so it's possible the dog might have thought I was friendly, until I let out a piercing scream and limp-ran into the house).

DH woke up and grabbed the pellet gun, while I grabbed a knife, but we couldn't find it thank goodness. I brought the inside/outside cat in for the night. Bunnies are fine.

I live in a suburb, so I'm not used to having to grab a weapon each time I hear critters outside - mostly they're possums, racoons, occasionally a rat, stray cats, so I haven't felt the need to weapon up in a few years (we had a small pack form a few years back, that got a few of our rabbits, even though they're in big cages, some hanging from chains a few feet above the ground!)

I'm working on an Amazon order, so I'm going to see about a mace/pepper spray since I can't find mine, duh!

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