Pavlov's bunnies ^_^

Early this morning, our older girl cat wanted out, since our inside boy-teen cat was bugging her, but I wanted to check the backyard to make sure that dog hadn't returned. First I peeked out the backdoor window, and saw movement! After bobbing my head up and down with my trifocals, I finally focused on the movement, and it was the neighbors bunnies (they've moved out, but the father still returns everyday to tend to his bunnies and poultry until we can capture them and bring them to our yard).

So I hollered to DH, who was getting dressed for work, that the neighbor's bunnies were in our backyard again - maybe that's why the dog hopped the fence last night. I also opened up the backdoor so I could peek around the corner to make sure there wasn't a dog.

Backstory: I bought a string of mini-bells at the Renaissance Festival many years ago, and they've been hanging on the backdoor ever since. I don't even notice them ringing anymore - most the time anyway.

But a split-second after I opened the backdoor - and the bells rang - I see two more bunnies still in the neighbor's yard running towards our yard at FULL-SPEED! What a coincidence LOL

So now there's four neighbor bunnies in our backyard, and all are headed towards our rabbit cages (hanging from the old boatshed rafters). DH usually feeds our bunnies before he goes to work at sun-up (during DST). Maybe the neighbor bunnies running towards our yard when hearing the bells wasn't a coincidence after all ^_^

I feed our bunnies since I'm already out there, and I notice I have company haha, so after I finish feeding our bunnies, I find an old, dented biscuit pan and put out some rabbit kibble for the new bunnies.

By now, DH has left for work, and it's actually almost chilly this morning - first time this year, yay! So I decide to do a bit of yoga while in the backyard. Milady - our inside/outside cat LOVES to help me do yoga, so the new bunnies come closer to check us both out. I'm stretching my arms backwards while Milady is tapping my shin, and the bigger rabbit comes ONTO THE YOGA MAT so he can smell Milady - I'm only one foot away from this rabbit, and he came to us! The new bunnies are much tamer than our bunnies!

I'm going to try to talk DH into fencing off the old boatshed so the bunnies can roam around instead of being stuck in a cage, but we're visited by dogs occasionally, so he might argue that against fencing the boatshed. But since the neighbors also gave us their chickens, I could counter with that, since we've seen bunnies and chickens penned together.

PS: There's a duck we're supposed to bring over too.

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