Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Old Time Radio Shows

After a few years of using DH's MP3 player on and off, I finally bought an MP3 player - not an iPod -- I won't use bloated iTunes. I've been listening to podcasts and audiobooks; I have one Il Divo song on there too LOL.

IMO, most of the comedy podcasts out there have LOTS of swearing and/or adult content, but NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! - The Oddly Informative News Quiz - is very funny (despite having Kyrie of Memo listed as a panelist) and the one podcast I've listened to was very clean. I've also subbed to quite a few How Stuff Works podcasts, and NPR has a great podcast directory by topic (lots under Science and Health), and some have been quite interesting.

I haven't setup Overdrive yet, so for audiobooks I've tried a few Podiobooks, but I'm limiting my searches to completed books so I won't be disappointed if a writer gives up half-way through -- the Podiobooks name their MP3's really stinks though. I've listened to the first section of all the books I signed up for, and Origin Scroll (book 1 of 3 of the Targa Trilogy by Richard S. Tuttle) is the most intriguing one so far - and it says it's family-friendly (although maybe a bit scary for young ones).

I've queued up some Old Time Radio shows from I filtered that search link so that it shows the highest average ratings from listeners, in the hopes that the better shows will come first in the list.

I've already noticed I get up and do more away from the PC now that I have portable entertainment ^_^

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