I'm not into politics, but here's my thoughts on Rick Perry as my Governor

The main things that pop into my mind when I think of Rick Perry as Tx Gov:

Tx Gov Rick Perry & TS Rita Mass-Evac

During TS Rita's mass-evac in 2005, a local radio station reported that Gov Rick Perry had heard about the evac highways becoming parking lots, because many were running out of gas. Supposedly -- according to the radio DJ's that I'm paraphrasing from memory -- Gov Rick Perry asked "why more hadn't gassed up before leaving".

We filled up BOTH of our dual tanks before leaving -- including a few 2 gallon gas cans -- and still had to refuel both tanks before we got out of gridlocked freeways! Most people don't have dual tanks, so if they got stuck in traffic moving 1-2 MPH, they're pretty much STUCK! It's not like they could turn off their engines to conserve gas, because the traffic occasionally moved forward a few feet every minute or so.

If Gov Rick Perry didn't want millions using up so much precious gas while approximately 3 million Texans evac'd, why did it take SO VERY LONG for DOT to setup contra-flows, when it had been obvious for many, MANY hours that all main SE Tx freeways were gridlocked?

- Did Tx Gov Rick Perry not have enough clout to get DOT's heads out their behinds?
- Maybe Tx Gov Rick Perry's mind wasn't able to connect the dots: Non-moving traffic uses up gas!
- Or was it that Tx Gov Rick Perry just didn't care to lean on DOT to help break up the gridlocked evac?

I don't know the answers to any of those questions, but it made me question Gov Rick Perry's ability to lead a large population during a disaster. (Yes, I realize that Houston's Mayor Bill White didn't help when he announced that anyone scared should evac - I'm paraphrasing from memory again.)

Tx Gov Rick Perry's Pet Project: "Imminent Domain Highway" aka "Divide the Nation"

For reasons unknown to me, Tx Gov Rick Perry has been championing a super-highway from Mexico to Canada. Too bad many family farms and ranches are in the way - too bad for the families that is! This eminent domain/highway stuff is NOT new - I've been aware of it for at since before the last Tx elections - the main reason I voted against Tx Gov Rick Perry.

- Google results for keywords: trans texas corridor rick perry
- Google results for keywords: trans texas corridor eminent domain
- Google results for: rick perry texas corridor eminent domain

Mandating New (UNproven) Vaccines for Children

- Google results for keywords: rick perry mandate HPV vaccine

But I'm not big on Palin either, undecided about Romney, and plead no-comment on Ron Paul. So I guess the way things look at this time, it'll come down to Obama vs Perry - yet another "lesser of two evils" decision, IMO. At least they're both attractive, unlike the last big election ^_^

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