Preparedness Podcasts - a first time listener's thoughts

I found quite a few preparedness type podcasts at Blog Talk Radio, so I signed up with BTR so I could sub to their preparedness talk shows:
I've listened to the most recent Chicken Whisperer - there were a handful of ads, but IMO they were related to the podcast (chicken raising) and IMO it seemed like they tried to be amusing. The main part of the show wasn't "exactly" related to what I'd think would fall under chicken raising, but more like sustainability, how to use earthworms to enrich your soil, but since chickens like worms, it was close enough LOL. And the interview about how worms enrich soil, which worms (3 different kinds) and how to get more into your soil - all in all I enjoyed my first Chicken Whisperer show very much.

I'm listening to my 4th preparedness show right now, having skipped* a show I just plain grew tired of listening to. Right now I'm listening to an Emergency expert talking about the wildfires in Texas, which of course interests me, since I live in Houston and have family near Waco (SW of Dallas), and many of my high schoolmates have moved to different parts of Texas and are posting their Texas Wildfire experiences on Facebook.

*At this time, I don't feel comfortable blogging about the show I skipped, because I used to enjoy their blog a great deal. But, like many preparedness blogs of late, have - IMO - changed their focus to selling books they and their friends have written, or promoting $tuff they've partnered (commissions) with, or other kinds of self-promotion (some is ok, just be balanced).

While I enjoy unbiased product reviews, and understand to a certain degree about making money to offset the time they blog (to teach others about how to prep), there's a balance. And unfortunately IMO, a few of my former favorite preparedness blogs haven't been as balanced lately - meaning they're promoting books and products much more than they're inspiring and teaching.

So that's the reason I'm hesitant about blogging why I skipped that second show - the blogger USED to be such an awesome source of valuable educational posts, but recently has turned their focus to self-promotion IMO. Of course I have hopes they'll return to their roots, so I won't blog negative feelings and just keep my fingers crossed for them.

Another preparedness type show I enjoyed (and can't figure out which "feed" it came from) was about learning how to navigate with compass and maps, and talked a bit about how people have become too dependent on GPS, which isn't always accurate. IMO the show was very interesting, even though I didn't understand all the terms at first, they explained enough about the terms for me to have a general understanding, and inspire me to learn more about how to navigate with a compass and a map. IMO, if a show inspires me to want to learn, it was a good show.

I'll wait until I've listened to the rest of the shows before blogging about my thoughts on preparedness podcasts, even though the last two "networks" put out a LOT of shows (too many?) compared to the other networks.

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