Chickens, if we can catch them

The neighbors are still dropping by to tend to the animals, and caught a female chicken and the duck in a medium sized pen/cage - just big enough that I can't maneuver it onto our dolly. So DH and I made a deal: If he brings over the pen/cage with the duck and chicken, I'll make him pumpkin waffles and muffins.

Meanwhile, one of the younger female chickens (sorry, don't know chicken terminology yet) has escaped from the bigger coop. I carried over DH's human trap and sprinkled chicken scratch on the trigger thingee, but the young chicken hasn't triggered the trap yet. We still haven't caught anymore of their rabbits other than the first one (they weren't penned/caged when we learned the neighbors had moved).

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Shreela said...

We have three new neighbor bunnies, but I'm still feeding the chickens and duck in their old pen next door.

I spoke with the neighbors last weekend, and the father said we could let them free range in the backyard, but I told them about how our backyard neighbors put their little boat trailer up against the fence, giving roaming dogs a "jumping ramp" into our backyard, and about the dog that charged me last month!

I gave my number to the daughter for her to call me next time her dad came by (she translates for us), because he said he'd use our dolly to move the pens to our yard, but I haven't heard from them since (maybe because their truck needed a jump to leave?)