Corn Meal vs Polenta; Cornbread Leavened without Gums

Self-Reliant Living's Preparedness Radio had an awesome podcast interviewing Carol Deppe, author of The Resilient Gardener, and boy does this lady know a lot about corn! All this time I thought the biggest difference between cornmeal and polenta was that I thought polenta was nixtamalized. But after listening to this podcast, I've learned there's SO much more to learn about corn.

Carol explained why she was so driven to learn about corn is that she suffers from Celiac disease, and that because of all the sweetening, alternative baking mixes were acceptable, but she couldn't stand the taste of bread baked from alternative Gluten-Free flour, but did enjoy the taste of cornbread. She even stumbled on an older way of making cornbread that doesn't require adding gums to the cornflour and baking powder, yet is still leavened, which she explains in pretty good detail for a podcast.

She explained the corn anatomy (I'm not sure I'm using the correct term haha), so learning what she explained would help us to make better tasting polenta, as well as baked goods. So whether you're a foodie, gardener, or prepper, I think you'd really enjoy this podcast (first link above has the downloadable MP3).

Not only will I be listening to this long podcast again (it went overtime), but I'm also going to buy her book. The podcast host announced he'll be interviewing her again soon about potatoes, so I'll be waiting eagerly for that, since instead of a bumper crop of blue potatoes, I grew a handful of blue marbles. But at least that one meal of blue potatoes tasted pretty good ^_^

PS: I caught one of the neighbor's bunnies finally! I almost had another one, but he wiggled out of the cage bottom before I could close it and I was afraid of hurting him.

The bunny I caught today ate from my hand yesterday - she was still in the old neighbor's backyard (they travel back and forth between the yards through the dug up tree root along the fence - they know morning feed time too LOL!)

UPDATE: I went to check on her and bring her some lettuce and carrot, and she was running around the yard - I think she blew me a bunny-raspberry as she hopped past me.

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