Food blogs posting about "food photography" = Blech!

I'm sorry, and I realize it's your blog, so you can post whatever you like. But some food bloggers care about what readers think about their blogs, so here's my opinion about food photography posts:

I do NOT like posts about food photography in food blogs!

I enjoy when food blogs post pics of their dish, especially when they include how-to pics. In fact, I've been unsubbing from food blogs that don't include at least one pic of their dish in the RSS feed*! But just because I enjoy seeing pics with posts about food doesn't mean I enjoy reading many posts about how to photograph food.

IMO, photographing food should probably be included under blogging skills, such as learning to use your blogging platform, writing so that others understand you, maybe a bit of SEO junk if you want to increase viewers, but thankfully most food blogs I follow don't post many posts about blogging software, writing, or SEO stuff, whew thanks!

But with the increased amount of blog posts about food photography, obviously there's interest in it. How about starting a sister-blog dedicated to photography, with it's own RSS feed? People like me - only interested in the food posts - would love you, while others interested in food photography could sub to your new blog about food photography, and love you. Everyone wins! Maybe consider doing a post on how and why to compress photos while you're at it ^_^

*I've noticed lots of food blogs only putting out "preview or teasers" in their RSS feed, most likely because their blogs are being scraped (ripped off and posted on copycat sites). But I'm subbed to quite a few preview/teaser sites that manage to include one pic of their dish, so I know it's possible. Using an RSS reader (like Google Reader) to view my food blogs is great, except when there's NO photo, just text - it's as exciting as reading ancient recipe books without pics (yawn) - unsubbed!


Kids and Canning Jars said...

I just wanted to stop back by. I think your post about food pics is super funny. You should post a pic sometime. I am sorry about your fire and grateful no one was hurt. We live in Southern Texas so I understand about the heat. HOT.

Bix said...

Shreela, You may need an invite for Google+. It's still in beta. I can send you one if you want, but I'd have to enter your email address. Email me if you like. No problem whatever you decide!

Shreela said...

@Bix - thanks, I'm on Google+ now, as you know. I'm not sure how I got on with them, maybe you invited me somewhere and I missed seeing the invite, or maybe I pre-qualified. Now I'm a bit skittish about the re@l n@me$ thingee <-trying to avoid searches picking up on you-know-what.

@Melissa - For quite some time, I'm not setup to post pics to the net without having to pay for that "privilege". My old digital camera is a hunk o' junk, so I take pics with my 3g camera, but my win7 laptop didn't come with Bluetooth, grrrr, so I have to use card-readers with adapters to get phone pics to my laptop, and hubby hides the card-reader from me even though I use it more haha.

I really need to look into new phone plans!