Back to the backyard now that I'm home again

I didn't tell my parents about our fire, mostly because I didn't want to freak Mama out when her aneurysm was finally bad enough to justify surgical repair - I certainly didn't want her blood pressure to spike! So when I wasn't worrying about Mama during my first week away, I was worried about the yard not being tended to after catching on fire.

Hubby told me a few times that there'd been rain, but after more questioning, most of the rain occurred where he worked, only a few times raining at home. So we're still VERY dry considering we live near the coast, and most times we worry more about flooding.

It was only 95F when we finally arrived back home (I was in Central Texas during the daily 100F+ record breaking heat-wave), but the trip back home, then unpacking, made me too tired to jump back into yard work. I'll start as early in the morning as I can get away with using power tools.

Meanwhile, all but two of my container plants are DEAD! Even the ones in self-watering containers, argh! I mentioned to hubby 2-3 times to water my front plants, including filling up the bottom reservoirs so they wouldn't have to be watered daily. But I guess once he got home from work, the call of the AC was too strong LOL. All that's left is my stevia and garlic chives, and the stevia looks iffy.

Oh well, it's still too hot to worry about starting anything outside for the fall garden, so that'll give me more time to get the backyard into shape. Hopefully I can find some vermiculite to mix with soil to cover the areas I clear of underbrush. I was able to do my yoga and core stuff at my parents' house during the second week of my stay, so hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the yard work without hurting my back until I'm stronger.

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