Raised bed garden started

Big trash is coming up, and neighbors are putting out stuff that got ruined the the floods a few weeks ago (we were the only ones on the dead-end block to not get water in the house). I saw a wooden bookshelf, so it popped into my head that would be easier than building a raised-bed garden with scavenged boards. I grabbed the dolly and wheeled it into the backyard.

I put it near the clothesline in a place that gets sun almost from sunup to sundown. I poured two bags of potting soil I had on hand, and put in the better boy tomato and poblano pepper plants that are growing in some kind of organic planter that will disinigrate as the plants grow. I have a few tomatoes from last year that survived our somewhat mild winter, but they're very leggy, so I'll have to lookup how to propagate or air layer them. One of them has a flower though, so maybe it's too late?

The Chayas won't go in the raised bookshelf garden though, since they're perennials and will grow fairly tall. Hubby still hasn't told me where he'll "accept" one of them, but one place has been approved at least: corner of the front yard between the giant oak and house. The seller said they do better in partial shade in Houston. He said they're from the Yucatan; I guess they're cooler there than here, maybe because of the seabreeze or elevation?

The other bags of potting soil I had are in the back of the truck, so I couldn't get to them until hubby got home, and it was hot then. But it's cooling off now, so I'm going to put those into the first shelf so I can plant the Asian Yard Long beans (yum!)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the start of your garden! It's a step in the right direction, right? We have a family in our neighborhood that has a square foot garden, I took my husband to go look at it recently for inspiration for our garden.