Help: Prescriptions, hurricanes, and insurance

Backstory: Hubby started on prescription drugs about 1 1/2 years ago, and we're still learning all the ins and outs involved with it. We were both very relieved that I remembered to call in his prescription for refill once they determined that we were in Hurricane Ike's 2-3 cone, and was able to have another month's supply of his medicine. It could have been really close to running out because of how long it took to get power back up in the SE part of Houston.

A short time ago, his dosage was increased, but the PA didn't call it into the pharmacy -- she just instructed him to double his dosage. So he ran low quicker than usual, and I called it in for a refill. But CVS wouldn't fill the prescription, because according to their records, it was too soon for him to be needing more medication. I had to call the doctor's office, and the nurse called in the new prescription to CVS, who filled it right away since they knew what was going on.

Looking back, I wonder if the reason we were allowed to order his medication before Hurricane Ike was because of the hurricane, or maybe he was nearing the end of that month's supply (too long ago to remember).

Questions: What if a hurricane is going to strike about two weeks into a prescription? Will we having problems filling the next month's prescription ahead of time?
  • Maybe this is a CVS only policy.
  • Maybe it has something to do with insurance not paying unless the medication falls within a certain time period.
  • Maybe there's a hurricane provision that cancels out whatever the reason is that doesn't allow pre-ordering during normal times?
If someone reading this has any experience with this, or knows how to handle this potential problem, please let me know. Thanks!

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