Bunnies update

It's a bit warm today, but the baby bunnies are still in their box with shredded newspaper and mama-fur. Hubby said they were out yesterday, but he thinks mama flipped the box. I weighted it down with half a brick, but I guess she's stronger than that.

Their fur has filled in; there's two light red bunnies, and one gray and white bunny. One of the red bunnies has a white start on their head, so we can tell them all apart easily. Hubby hasn't sexed them yet, but if the starred bunny is female, he'll probably name her Star. He named one of the kitties Smokey. I need to reinstall Bluetooth on this computer, so I can transfer my photos to hubby's phone, so he can transfer them to the computer (my phone and computer "recognize" each other, but won't transfer, grrrr). ATT tech-support had me uninstall all networks except theirs when our internet went down. Hubby installed Bluetooth the first time; I dread it, but want my baby critter photos on the pc, so I don't have much choice.

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