Preparedness and spouses (sigh!)

Big storm yesterday woke me up; power went out twice while I was awake, but only for a few minutes each time. Later on, hubby told me power had gone out for about 15 minutes while I was napping, and came back on right as he was about to light the lantern. Amusing chuckle.

The sun actually came out before sunset, and all was quiet after dark. Then for no weather reason whatsoever, our power went out. I waited a few minutes to see if it would return, and when it didn't, I used the flashlight to find the other flashlight, and lit the one lantern that was out, as well as a huge candle with four wicks I bought on sale after Ike.

Then I stepped out the back door to see if the neighbors we share the transformer with had their backyard floodlight on, and if the back-fence neighbors' TVs were glowing through their windows. No lights, but the rest of the neighborhood had plenty of lights.

So I go back in and call the power company while trying to light the other lantern. The fuel looked a bit low, and the wick barely caught, but fizzled out while I was going through the power company's voice menu. After I'd given the information to the power company, they said it had already been called in, and would hopefully be restored by sunup.

Uh oh, that's many hours away, I better top off this lantern to make sure there's enough light for hubby in case he woke up to use the bathroom. So off to the prep storage area I go to get the kerosene -- it's not there!

I looked in a few other places where it could have been, and no kerosene to be found, despite hubby saying we had enough to last us through until fall (when I called him last month doing early hurricane preps to avoid the desperate panic rush with empty shelves).

I decide to buy ice since I'd bought quite a bit of fresh meat last shopping trip, and put the lantern that was lit, and the candle in a safe place, with a flashlight next to each one just in case hubby woke up while I was out.

I wasn't gone that long, but the porch light was on when I returned, and I found hubby awake, but just barely. I put out the lantern and candle, and put them up while telling him about not being able to light the other lantern because it was low on kerosene, and the kerosene wasn't in the prep storage area. Oh, he'd put it in his mess of a garage.

Well isn't that helpful?! I had planned on moving the storage prep from the kitchen to our central hall anyway, so now's a good time to start, so I can see what else isn't there anymore. And he wonders why I stash stuff LOL

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