What to scan for Emergency USB

An extremely well-written Katrina memoir includes a list of great suggestions to keep handy for bugging out. Most of those could be scanned and stored on an encrypted USB (or two).


HYST = Have Your S*** Together

Take a peek at his entire memoir too. It's amazing he's able to write this so humorously about such a dire situation as Hurricane Katrina. But he pulls it off. Two pages prior to this page, he wrote about large populations trying to evacuate all at once. Been there, done that! Yes, I was in the Rita evacuation, and completely agree with him that bugging out/evacuating is dreadful -- we saw so many serious car accidents, so I really shouldn't complain, but it wasn't something I'd repeat unless my life were actually in danger, instead of possibly. More people died in the evacuation than died where Rita actually landed.

PS: We don't have a laptop, but hubby removed our hard-drive to bring with us during our Rita evac. Yes, we realized we couldn't just put it into any computer and have it run, but we would be able to access our saved files.


Anonymous said...

How interesting about more people being killed in the evacuation than in the actual hurricane itself. So unfortunate, yet not surprising. Living in the city and being exposed to regular rush hour traffic, I ask myself sometimes what would happen if everyone and their dog were trying to leave at the same time. Good luck.


Shreela said...

I read a blog or forum comment from a guy near Houston that thought he missed his chance to evac Rita because all the highways were still parking lots.

So he continued his home preps while listening to hurricane and traffic reports. A bit before the winds started up, he decided to do a test evac to see how far he could get. If he ran into traffic, then he'd have enough time to turn around and ride it out at home.

He wrote that he was able to make it 200 miles before hearing reports that Rita had shifted to the NE.

But even though we had plenty of warning with Ike (unlike Alicia '83 that formed in the Gulf 3 days out), most chose to ride it out. Granted it was expected to be a weaker storm that Rita, but I'm guessing memories of the Rita Evac might have had something to do with everyone's decisions too.