Freaky Dreams: Painful Halloween

It's been quite a while since I had a freaky dream, but I had a doozy last night:

Hubby brought someone home from his work; I don't know who it was, or why he brought them home. I just know he woke me up from napping on the couch to tell me he brought someone home. We all went into the kitchen to see a dog -- I don't know how it got there -- hubby and coworker didn't seem surprised the dog, but I was. The dog was missing chunks of flesh that had been replaced by electronic circuitry (think Borg).

There were lots of fancy, expensive boxes and bags of candy on the dining table that the dog was trying to get into when the doorbell rang; it was trick-or-treaters (in April!). I handed out some fancy candies and they left, but I saw more trick-or-treaters down the street and figured word would get out that we were giving fancy candies, so I started to move the candies from the kitchen area to the front door area so circuitry dog wouldn't get into them.

That's when things started getting weird.

There were lots of people in our house now. They were helping themselves to the candies, as well as drinks from the kitchen, and using our bathroom. I didn't know if hubby or coworker had let them in, so I went looking for one of them to ask.

One of the unexpected guests grabbed me, and kissed me. A woman! The next thing I knew I had pushed her away by gouging one of her pressure points, and went into defensive stance. She tossed her head back, laughing, and said: "Well, she's in defensive mode now". But she didn't make any more moves on me.

I was livid! I went to find hubby or coworker to find out who had let these people in our home, and get their help to get everyone to leave. I entered the back bedroom to find a homeless man wandering around looking for the many critters in there. There were a few pet birds and some small critters people keep as caged pets, all wandering freely in my back room!

I became more angry, and was about to tell the homeless man to gather his critters and get out now, when his pet spider I hadn't seen crawled on my hand and begin biting me repeatedly -- the bites hurt bad. I woke up after about the third or fourth bite because I was hollering. Once I was aware that I was actually awake, I thought I had really been bitten while I was asleep, and looked at my hand for bitemarks. Nothing, and the pain totally disappeared too! There's still no marks on my hand hours later.

I had no idea dreams could make us hurt when we weren't actually being hurt in reality.

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