Storage order

My order for Walton Feed supplies:

  • Pak-Main Course Pack

  • Pak-Imitation Trial Pack (various TVPs)

  • Pak-Soup Starter Pack

  • Pak-Fruit Pack

  • Mountain House 72 hour meal kit

  • Case of MREs

  • #10 Whole dried eggs

  • #10 Butter powder

  • #10 Non-fat milk

  • #10 Sample Pack

  • #10 Garden seeds

  • 2 Blue 55 gallon water barrels

  • 1 spigot

  • 1 pump

  • Aquamira water filter

  • Aquamira replacement filter

  • Wonder Junior Deluxe wheat grinder

Adding these items to my canned goods, dried beans, rice, powdered milk (grocery store), pastas, and 100 lbs wheat should be enough to get the two of us through a hurricane or quarantine, even if we have to feed others. I wish I was a better gardener, but I can still grow some food. I don't kill too many perennials at least, so there's hope for the Chaya and Chayote. And there's always Nopales, if I ever learn to make it so hubby will eat it 8^)

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