Prepping for hurricane season, and potential pandemic (panic)

This is about the time of year I do hurricane preps; I buy things we'll eat throughout the year, but shelf-stable instead of frozen. I also make sure we have enough cooking and lighting fuel, batteries, and water containers.

So after reading so many reports about a potential Swine Flu outbreak, epidemic, or pandemic, I figured I better get my yearly hurricane preps done now, otherwise the shelves will be emptied.

I bought a lot of canned meats and beans a few weeks ago. Today I bought some rechargeable batteries (AA and AAA), an LED lantern (20 bulbs) that recharges with AC or DC (we have an inverter we plug into the truck), and in-between shelf so I can store more cans without them being stacked on top of each other (why did they stop making cans stackable?)

I also bought more gloves, since hubby goes through them quickly, anti-microbial wipes in travel-pack as well as full sized so I can restock the travel pack (we already had a travel-pack, but hubby ripped the top open LOL). And I even found some N95 masks, 2 per box, for less than $3 USD/box. Hubby asked why I didn't just buy some HazMat suits; I answered that they weren't on sale LOL. I hope he'll always be able to laugh about his wife buying those, instead of having to use them like we saw from China's SAR's outbreak a few years back.

Other than the masks, everything I bought is either something we'd use during normal times (ok, not Spam, but I do have to hide the vienna sausages from him LOL), or something we'd use if hit by a hurricane. I filled up one gas tank, but the pump wanted to start over after it finished with one tank, and the car behind me had been waiting a while, so I dind't fill the other tank and gas cans like I planned. The gas card is still loaded, so we can use it for the other tank later.

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