Fomites cleaned; reclean after returning home

I try to regularly clean my home's fomites (frequently touched things), but until the Swine Flu 'pandemic' scare passes, I'll be doing it every time one of us returns home from public places, like shopping today, and when hubby comes home from work. Since hubby loses the hand cleanser plastic bottles I kept in the truck when I used it for work, I bought antimicrobial wipes. I really like how easy it is to clean little, twitchy things like:
  • keyboard keys
  • the mouse
  • desk area in front of the pc
  • remote control buttons
  • light switches
  • fan switches and pulleys
I also cleaned all doorknobs, faucets, and window-blind pulleys. I had already cleaned the truck's doorknobs and steering wheel when I finished shopping. Now if hubby washes his hands when he comes home from work, all I need to wipe will be the truck, front door knobs, and faucets of the sink he used. Comment if you think I forgot something. Hmm, I think I'll include his lunchbox, and put some wipes in a ziplock in the lunchbox too, since he shares eating quarters and bathrooms with numerous people that might be higher risk due to country of origin (I hope that was politically correct, and not too insulting).

I put the travel-pack of antimicrobial wipes in the truck, and am going to put some gloves and one N95 mask into a ziplock baggie for the truck too. I sure hope all of this turns out to be just paranoia. At least it took less time than it took to type this up 8^)

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Pam said...

Good idea. I really should clean those areas that are touched all throughout the day.