Book Contest: I Can’t Believe It’s Food Storage

I probably have more than three months worth of food stored, even though about half of it is stored in the freezer. This time of year I start to stock more canned and less in the freezer because of hurricane season (even if we don't get a hurricane in Houston, I'll likely lose power at least once, even if only for a few hours).

But I'm not really sure how long my stored foods will last us. I need to learn a system to inventory what I have, so I can use food storage programs (spreadsheets or online calculators) to stock for three months, then six months, and eventually an entire year's worth of food (not in the freezer either, since that's unreliable). I'm not a good enough gardener or forager that I could feed the both of us without shopping if a long-term disaster happened (hurricane, job loss, drastic increases in food prices, ect...)

I've started storing some long-term foods as I can afford, or find, and I've slowed down for a few reasons:

  • I need to store it better for long-term
  • I'm not experienced with using things like whole wheat berries
  • I haven't cooked with most of the long-term foods (except powdered milk)
So, I'm excited about this contest at Everyday Food Storage blog:

I Can’t Believe It’s Food Storage

  • A step by step training program for using your food storage every day in your own recipes. Think of me as your food storage personal trainer. :)
  • Over 100 kitchen tested (and very delicious) recipes, including some not yet featured on my blog!
  • Family Home Evening lessons to help get your entire family involved in planning your 3-month supply and helping you in the kitchen.
  • Information on the what, where, and why’s of common food storage items.
  • Practical tips for getting dinner on the table, picky eaters, grocery shopping, and more!
The link above goes to the contest page. She'll choose three winners randomly from her email entries, then three more "for being the most excited and passionate about spreading the word", which we can become a Facebook fan, Twitter the contest, or blog about it, emailing these things to her.

Meanwhile, I'm going to pack up my whole wheatberries into FoodSaver bags.

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