Boost immunity for Swine Flu? Not until more known about Swine Flue and Cytokines

Until it's determined whether Swine Flu causes cytonkine storm, no way will I give us Elderberry or Echinacea:
Swine flu and deaths in healthy adults--cytokine storm?
@ Aetiology by Tara C. Smith - an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

If they do find cytokine storm with Swine Flu, I'll be following the following advice for "natural cures", since the author/s sourced the studies found at PubMed and NCBI for most of the "nature cures" listed (including the DON'T TAKES, where Elderberry and Echinacea fall under):
Natural Antivirals
@ The Health Gazette - blog owners "have decades of professional experience in multiple health disciplines, including nursing, psychology and natural medicine. We were also senior academics who spent almost 15 years teaching in Australian universities. We each have several degrees including PhD."

And if you're confused as to whether the Swine Flu is airborne or droplet (no, they are not the same), don't feel alone. Apparently they're deciding to treat Swine Flu halfway between droplet and airborne protocols (read the article; it's too complicated to rewrite without writing a book).
All Swine Flu, All the Time
@ Controversies in Hospital Infection Prevention - blog owners 1) Michael B. Edmond, MD, MPH, MPA is Professor of Internal Medicine, Epidemiology and Community Health, and 2) Daniel J. Diekema, M.D., M.S. Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pathology

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