Wifi, Smartphone, Voip, and Connectify

After buying our router many years ago, DH setup the Wifi with his desktop running things, and my laptop just logged into the Wifi. After his desktop gave out, I thought about trying to setup my laptop to run the network using Windows 7 instead of Network Magic, but at that time, there weren't many Windows 7 tutorials, so I tried plugging the cable into my laptop and I had internet again. Now "my" laptop is "our" laptop, but we don't move it around like we did when it was Wifi'ed.

Then I finally bought a smartphone and wanted to setup Voip on it. I wasn't able to figure out how to setup a Wifi network on Windows 7 still, so I found Connectify, a program that sets up a Wifi for us. I thought it was great because it was so easy compared to Windows - I even had a Wifi icon in my taskbar. I rooted my phone so I could setup Voip with Google Voice, SipDroid, and PBexes and was happy.

Until Connectify informed me I needed to upgrade. I'm still not sure what happened after I upgraded, but even though Connectify "appeared" to work, I no longer had Wifi! The Wifi icon was still in the taskbar, but now had a red slashed circle! I was mad, especially about losing my Voip!

I played around in Control Panel's network settings and found the Wifi I had tried setting up a long time ago, but couldn't get it to work back then. It still had the key, so I tried it in my phone's settings, but it didn't go through. One of the many sites I checked said something about checking the router's settings, and gave the address to load the router settings in my browser. But that address didn't work. More searching, and someone recommended doing command line Ipconfig/all to find my Default Gateway, which was only slightly different than the one all over the internet, but that difference was enough. Well at least the Ipconfig's default gateway address worked. But the default password didn't!

I finally managed to login (apparently I'd changed the user/pass in the past), but didn't change any settings, then suddenly my phone recognizes the network key I put in earlier! I have no idea why just loading the router settings helped, unless I inadvertently changed something, which I doubt, because I was pretty nervous about techie things I don't understand that well LOL

So I uninstall Connectify, reboot, and my phone is still connected, hurray! Next on my to-learn list is to hook my phone up to AT&T in public. And I might try CSipSimple instead of SipDroid, since CSipSimple allows multiple Voip accounts instead of one.

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