Butterflies, Bees, and Hummingbird flowers

Just planted Plumbago (blue); Pentas (red); Coneflower (light purple); Indian Blanket (burnt orange) in the front yard, around the lantern post. Will plant the red and white Begonia, and Dianthus in the next few days - as my back allows. Not sure how long before newly sprouted Milkweed will be big enough to transplant.

I have Cannas (orange) along the front side of the fence, that needs some clearing from when I was down with a frozen shoulder - I have do push stuff aside just to find the Passion Flower Vine.

My back jungle - that came up during the frozen shoulder downtime - is about half-way cleared. I'm hoping I don't accidentally clear the volunteered Turk's Cap and Lantana. The Elderberries are mostly on the fence lines, so they're safe for now.

Meanwhile, I'm going to research what plants might be liked by bees, butterflies (especially hosts to Harris Co butterflies/caterpillars), and hummingbirds.

ETA: that's not invasive in Zone 9 climates like the Honeysuckle and Wisteria I'll eventually have to hack back yet again - at least I know my inherited invasives are feeding flying wildlife in between hackings.

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