Smartphone accomplishments

So far I've learned how to do the following with my new Android Dart:

Transfer files via USB cable (have to mount it from the Notifications area, then remember to UNmount it from Windows taskbar on the desk/laptop).

Take a screenshot (hold down back button, then click on home button - the screenshot can be found in Files/screenshots).

I've earned "Root" in order to be able to use more useful apps (such as a backup app, and an ads-blocking app that's not a plugin for a browser).

I've setup Voip via Sip using Wifi only, as I'm still undecided which cell plan to use.

Even though I managed to obtain my Network unlock code on my own, I have NOT been able to jail-break it yet. I thought perhaps using a sim-card from a company that might rent off T-Mobile might had been the issue, but I found another tutorial that provides extra trouble-shooting tips, so maybe I'll be able to jail-break it from that tutorial.

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