New Android Smartphone already full LOL

So I sort my downloaded apps by size to see my worst offenders - Facebook is #1 haha. So I figure out how to add Facebook's feed to TweetDeck, then delete Facebook, saving 11mb. BTW, Seesmic also does both Facebook and Twitter, but Tweetdeck=821K whereas Seesmic=2Mb.

Next comparisons of size vs ratings was anti-malware. I ended up uninstalling Lookout and installing Dr Web Anti-virus Light. Of the top anti-malwares, free or paid, they almost all had the same high ratings, and I needed a smaller app, and Dr Web Anti-virus Light was much smaller than all the other higher rated apps - by over half as small!

Now I have room to install Call Control - Call Blocker, thank goodness! It has a community blocklist of known/reported spammers, ability to submit our spammers to the community blocklist, our own personal blacklist/whitelist, and settings to only allow our listed contacts calls to come through. And we can choose between sending blocked calls to voicemail, or pick-up/hang-up (costs air-time). I'm already in love with it LOL


Kids and Canning Jars said...

I cannot believe this. I just got an iphone two weeks ago and I am so inlove with it. I have downloaded homeschool things, kendle fun stuff you name it. I am so overwhelmed by its technology.

Bix said...

I'm going to come to you when I get one. You do such great research!