Laughed until stomach muscles hurt

I had insomnia the last few days, so I finally fell asleep late last night, slept through the morning and into the evening. When I woke up, I wanted coffee and since I also wanted to recharge a somewhat heavy battery in the kitchen, I brought the battery with me down the hall.

Since I still had the "wake-up stupids", I'm not sure why I dropped the battery, but it sure made a loud thud when it fell onto the wooden floor. DH was already in the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, and saw RB (male cat) fly four feet into the air! Since they were both in the kitchen, neither of them saw what caused the loud thud.

Milady (female cat) was sitting on the end of the living room couch, and also jumped into the air when she heard the thud. RB's and Melady's trajectory paths crossed, and their mid-air collision gave them just enough time time to slap each other a few times before the landed back on the floor.

The next split-second had DH yelling to ask what the heck was going on, as he saw nothing except RB launch four feet high after hearing some kind of thud. My reply to DH's question was a loud guffaw, which continued long enough that I had to use hand-signs to tell him what had caused the thud, then about our two cats mid-air collion, and their slapping each other when they crashed.

DH joined in the rambunctious laughter until both our stomach muscles were hurting ^_^


PS: Both cats have mostly recovered - they received their 4th shots the night before. I'm still powdering their smooshie with Lysine for the FHV (Feline Herpes Virus).

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