DH said I look younger, yay facial exercising!

I don't ask DH how I look in an outfit, or whether he likes my new haircut. First of all, I figure he'd probably fluff up the answer, and secondly, I have a mirror - if I think a dress makes me look fat, then it DOES (on second thought, it's not the dress that's making me look fat, it's the food I shoved in my piehole and not exercising afterward that's making me look fat!)

So I borrowed a facial exercising DVD from a friend, and have been doing them for about a week -- BTW, they do make my facial muscles tired directly after doing them. I told DH I was doing them, and that according to what I've read, that the alleged immediate effects generally only last 20 minutes or so, for the first three weeks. Then as the facial muscles become more built up, the effects last for a longer time, until around six months, which if done daily, the effects are supposedly permanent (as long as one continues a maintenance schedule).

The last two days I've been thinking my eyes looked younger, the upper lid wasn't drooping over the crease anymore. But was is just wishful thinking? Was I sub-consciously adjusting my eyes somehow?

This morning, after we finished breakfast, he asked me to look at him and to remove my glasses. He said that my face did look younger!! I hadn't even mentioned anything relating to facial exercises, beauty or anti-aging junk; he brought it up completely on his own! So that made it more believable for me, yay!

I still have the 11's -- the vertical lines in between the eyebrows, and faint forehead wrinkles. But being that I've only been doing fhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifacial exercises for a week, I'm still thrilled about my eyes looking younger, especially since DH thinks so too ^_^

PS: Houston got a decent amount of rain again, and DH's place of work had TWO MORE ROOF COLLAPSES! DH also told me that while the roofs were being constructed (post-Ike), that he told either the main construction guy, or their engineer? that the drainage wasn't adequate for the size of roof area. But since they didn't know DH, of course they didn't believe him - because they're the experts {sarcasm}. Well three roof collapses later, who was right?!

I still believe the drought and biggest heat wave in Houston's recorded history somehow contributed though, because we've had plenty of big rains after Ike - quite a few with some degree of street flooding. And these two recent rains didn't even cause street-flooding in our area.

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