♥ Boar Bristle Brush ♥

I didn't learn about Boar Bristle Brushes until recently, and I love it SO much! I'd read about oiling hair to make it shinier, but even though I thought I followed the instructions of lightly dampening hair, applying a few drops of hair oil (I'm using jojoba) on my hands, then lightly rubbing it on the hair a few inches beyond my roots, it had oily areas that looked shabby -- until I received my Boar Bristle Brush from Amazon.

It really does spread the oil evenly, which might be useful for younger people's scalp hair I suppose. And an added bonus: My hair actually looks decent when I brush out my spirals, AWESOME! Even DH complemented my new loose waves ^_^

I purposely didn't buy the mixed bristle brush because the long hair forums I've been studying from recommended 100% boar bristles. I guess the brush makers added plastic bristles because of people complaining that the BBB wouldn't go through their hair. But the long hair forums taught us that they're not supposed to, they're basically hair polishers. But if I brush from the top first, then from the bottom, that usually takes care of any tangles.

Side note: DH is picking up Cowboy Caviar ingredients so we can have tasty Black Eyed Peas for New Year. I let him choose if he wants corn kernels added in the salad, corn chips, or corn bread on the side.

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