Happy Birthday to me! I'm going gray!

DH gave me a FroYo maker that doesn't require ice and rock salt -- I haven't been able to eat ice cream/frozen yogurt since discovering that carrageenan was causing my painful IBS. I can use Nido powdered milk to make yogurt or kefir. I've also found that Oak Farms Half and Half doesn't have the dreaded carrageenan either, yay!

Despite using the maximum dosage of Gray Magic, and leaving the dye in my hair the maximum time, my grays only hold the color for about two weeks, then fade to orange, ewww! I won't lighten my overall color because curly hair is often more prone to damage. DH has been asking me to let my hair go gray for years, then while visiting my mother, she told me my faded orange hair wasn't attractive, to go natural! So I've finally decided to try to become a silver fox ^_^

Due to our DSL modem acting flaky the last few days, I wasn't able to get my photos submitted in time for Going Gray Looking Great's "newbie classes" that helps people like me transition from dyed hair to a silver fox (one can hope LOL). So I'll transition to silver on my own instead.

Two tone hair
I broke down and dyed my hair after this photo. My curls grew longer and were looking disheveled, so I made my first appointment with a curl specialist in Clear Lake, Houston. She's thinking it'll take at least 3 more haircuts before the dyed hair is gone.
My curls are shorter, but springier
My neck is VERY happy without all that extra insulation, being that we're still suffering our record-breaking heat spell.


Kids and Canning Jars said...

I hope your birthday was great! I am in my later thirties and very very gray. I lost all my hair last year when I got sick. It was a good opportunity to grow it out fresh and "ala natural" ummmmm gray that is. I hope all is well with you. Thank you for all the lovely comments over at my blog. Melissa

Shreela said...

I'm glad you got your health back Melissa! The three years of "IBS" from food additives made me feel more for when people get sick!