Memories of white-trash pie and gingerbread ducks

DH and I were talking about whatever, which triggered a memory of when my mother talked me into trying some cracker pie she'd just made. One of her coworkers was talking about how surprisingly good it was with such a name, so Mama asked her what kind of crackers were in it - Saltines. So since Daddy worked at Nabisco and Saltines were fairly common at the commissary (broken product sold at a discount to employees), Mama figured she'd try it, since we usually had commissary crackers on hand.

After she tasted it, she tried talking me into trying it too, but I had no interest in trying "cracker" pie. But she kept trying to get me to try just a teensy piece, then she wouldn't try anymore. So I tried it, and it was actually quite good, so I did have a piece after all.

A few months later, my Girl Scouts group was having some kind of party or sleep-over and we were to have our mothers make something to bring. So I asked my mother if she'd make cracker pie for the scouts event. She said she would, but only if I came up with a new name for it, because according to Mama, it sounded like a poor, white-trash pie. So I said that could be the new name, white-trash pie, and Mama looked like I just hurled a glass of cold water on her ROFL!

We both came up with a suitable name (although not nearly as fun) - I can't remember the suitable name now though, only white-trash pie LOL. Here's a similar recipe to what she told me was in her version of cracker pie.

So listening to my white-trash pie story triggered DH to remember a story about a special request he made of his mother. They were having a school Christmas party, and his mother planned to make gingerbread men. But DH, being about six years old, said no, he wanted gingerbread DUCKS (he knew his mother had a duck-shaped cookie cutter). She just smiled and found the duck-shaped cookie cutter and made him gingerbread ducks for his school Christmas party. DH said they were a huge hit, and none were left. Sometimes reminiscing comes up with such cute memories ^_^

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