GP Physical - lab results decent

I wonder if any other families share their lab results with each other like my family does? My elderly parents send me a copy of their labs, and have been at me a while to find out my cholesterol and thyroid levels. So now that I've finally received my general physical lab results, I'll have to send them a copy to make them happy ROFL

TSH (thyroid): Normal, whew! This and my cholesterol levels are my parents main concerns for me.

My A1C and Blood sugar were both upper limits of normal - the scheduling staff didn't make me NPO after midnight, so maybe my blood sugar results aren't as bad as it sounds, although not being NPO wouldn't affect my A1C. I've been lax with pre-sweetened flavored teas, so I'll be brewing more from scratch with stevia the next few months, and cut back on grains again.

Triglycerides: 141 (normal <149)
LDL: 128 (normal <130)
HDL: 67 (normal >39)
Another reason to cut back on sugars and grains, since my trigs and LDL are just barely under the mark. I'm happy with my HDL, although a bit higher would be nice.

Vit D: 22 (normal 30-100)
I seriously thought I'd score higher on this one, but at least I know I should be taking 5000 mg caps instead of 1000 mg caps. I want mine in the higher range!

Kidney and Liver: Normal

I requested uric acid levels, since there's some pretty bad gout in my family, but it wasn't on their lab postcard (HIPPA allows lab results on postcards? Well it was double-stapled at least haha). I'll call the nurse this Monday to see if it was drawn. If not, I'll wait until the next time I "need" to go to the dr, since I haven't had any gout attacks - I just wanted to know if I should watch my purine intake since I'm higher risk.

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