Hamburger Pemmican Experiment - 1a

The hamburger broth with fat cooled enough that I could pour it through a strainer without risk of burning myself, and it's now in the fridge with the meat. I'm thinking of pouring boiling water through the meat to get rid of whatever fat is left, but I'm not really sure if that's necessary, since I'll be adding fat back into it later on after dehydrating and powdering it in the blender. But since traditional pemmican used lean meat for the jerky, it will only take a few extra minutes to make sure there's no fat like with the traditional way.

Meanwhile, I checked on the broth a few minutes ago, and the sides of the container were still slightly warm. So I looked for the dehydrator, and found stuff on it, some of which needed to be thrown away. Then I got distracted outside, and visited with the neighbor (who told me where they buy their used cars from, and they're also a decent mechanic too, yay) while I swept the mowed grass on the sidewalks into piles to mulch my little raised bed garden later on after I put another bag of potting soil on, and some rabbit manure.

All the semi-wild, and tamed cats actually stuck around, probably because the yard was finally mowed (don't let gas/oil mix sit in lawn mowers too long!) So I had to tickle a lot of tummies after sweeping grass. Then I rode my bike because I'm still way out of shape from sitting around sick last year.

Maybe the broth will be chilled and separated after I wash the dehydrator, rinse the hamburger in boiling water, then setup the hamburger on the dehydrating trays.

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